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Country: Mexico: Baja

Arrival Date: 05/11/2018

Departure Date: 05/19/2018

Duration: 9 days

Arrival City: Phoenix, AZ

Departure City: Phoenix, AZ

Cost: $1595.00

GVSU students will be working in our partner communities in Puerto Peñasco to provide health services to those in need. While in Mexico, volunteers will also have the opportunity to learn valuable skills and explore the cultural landscape in a meaningful way!
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About Optometry

The World Health Organization has determined that lack of eye-care is one of the most crucial needs in developing countries. Because refractive needs and other eye problems don’t necessarily cause immediate pain, eye care is often under prioritized when resources are limited, – especially for children. Through ISL, thousands of the underserved have received eyewear and eye care.

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About Mexico: Baja

ISL’s Baja Mexico program is an on-going humanitarian project that takes place in Puerto Peñasco, situated along the beautiful Sea of Cortez. We work with global health agencies, local health ministries, and other NGOs to build capacity in our partner communities. Volunteers are able to gain valuable experience participating in community clinics and working in institutional and community health contexts.

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