ISL familiarization site visit application

What it is:

University faculty and staff will have the opportunity to observe three full days of a faculty-led Nursing program in Costa Rica, including practical and professional orientations, house visits and community clinic work. The purpose of this program is to familiarize potential partners with the Heart of ISL and to explore the Costa Rican cultural landscape in a meaningful way.

When it is:

Two dates with limited availability:
January 6-10, 2018
March 3-7, 2018
or Anytime! (customize your site visit)

What is provided (zero cost):

Arrival and departure airport transfers
Lodging and two meals per day
Observing a team in action for three days
Cultural tour of San Jose
Dinner and Q&A with ISL International Director, Dr. Sonia Hernandez

What is not provided:

One meal per day
Passport fees