Proof of Participation

This is your Proof of Participation letter. This helpful document serves as proof of your participation in a medical learning environment and will document your hours of service.
POP Letter

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MPA Contact Form

A Medical Professional Add-on, or MPA, provides volunteers the opportunity to receive a professional summary evaluation and up to 10 copies of a personalized letter of recommendation, sent to the recipients of their choice.

MPAs are purchased before departure, and are available through your MyISL account, under the Team Add-ons tab.

After you have completed travel, you can use the form below to request your letter of recommendation. Be sure to provide the necessary contact information, including who the letter should be addressed to and where the letter should be sent. For digital submissions, provide the url for submission. If you need an email contact for your submission service to reach out to, please use that of Diane Marquez Also include other pertinent information, including submission due dates.

  • Where would you like us to send your Medical Professional Recommendation?