ISL in Focus

First impression and face value has a major role to play in all of our lives. In this techno-savvy scenario, people admit to have become more cautious about their looks. They essentially try out ways and means to enhance their appearance. Nose, the prominent facial feature potentially improves self-confidence and overall facial balance. If there is a problem with the proportion and the form of the nose then Rhinoplasty, a cosmetic procedure for Nose Correction will be the optimum choice.
Leonardo da Vinci was among the first to study about the beauty and aesthetic proportions. He goes on to talk about aesthetic ideal nose where the ideal nose is one that is in harmony with the other favourable features of a patient’s face. The ideal shape for a male or female nose is an aesthetic concept that has its roots in our perception of beauty.

“Rhinoplasty” (Nose Job) is a surgical procedure designed to reshape the nose. It can be done for corrective problems such as nasal airflow obstruction causing breathing problems or a deviated septum, to correct a structural deformity such as a crooked nose or prominent bump, or to improve the appearance of the nose by making subtle changes to its size, shape, width or tip.

Does rhinoplasty surgery hurt?

One of the most common questions our doctors get is “will it hurt?” The rhinoplasty procedure itself does not hurt nor will it hurt during recovery. … In any form of Rhinoplasty (‘nose job’) you will have some degree of swelling and bruising after the operation. If you are thinking of getting breast implants, you don’t have to go trough any risky surgeries, at you can now find a natural way of enhancing your breast.