ISL Financial Stewardship

ISL is an independent, self-supporting organization which utilizes volunteer fees to fund global humanitarian projects, providing medical care and other benefits for tens of thousands of the underserved in ten countries and has been providing these programs for more than 20 years.  Part of the sustainability and consistency of our humanitarian outreach has been the careful stewardship of these volunteer fees.  Unlike other humanitarian organizations who must spend significant resources of time and money to raise support, ISL is able to devote all income and effort to programming.


ISL programming costs as percentage of budget/income:

ISL Financial Breakdown Chart Pic

This is extrapolated from 2009-2015 budgets and a current 2016 budget of approximately $3.7 million. The percentages above, when applied to the cost of travel, show how cost are broken down.

ISL is a triple bottom line organization, meaning that while we are technically a for-profit enterprise we see our social and environmental impacts as equally important to our financial bottom line. Our financial sustainability allows us to provide the highest quality services to the people we treat and the volunteers who travel with us. We reinvest our profits back into our programming to provide more affordable and quality programs for more individuals. At the end of the day, we know that the services and experiences we provide are vastly more important than any financial gain. ISL is committed to financial responsibility and sustainability so that we can continue making a difference in the world.