ISL Costa Rica: Update from Schreiner University’s Nursing Team


Today, 18 nursing students from Schreiner University in Kerrville, Texas, visited La Carpio, Costa Rica. For the first couple of hours, we divided into groups and went from door to door taking a census of the residents. Then we proceeded to ask if anyone in the house was sick. If they said “yes,” we handed them a ticket to visit us in the free clinic we set up. It was really exciting for all of us nursing students to be able to put our physical examination skills (and not so great Spanish skills) into practice. Each one of us feel like we accomplished so many things today, and we are very grateful for the opportunity we have been given to partner up with ISL. While walking around La Carpio, we did not expect to see some of the things we did. We are extremely lucky to be blessed with all that we have. Today made each and every one of us so grateful for everything God has blessed us with. It was a successful day in La Carpio, and we are going back in the morning to see more patients!

Paige Shaw, on behalf of the Schreiner University Team

The Schreiner Team visits homes in La Carpio