Rural Development in Nicaragua

Placement Type: Ecology

Placement Focus: Rural agricultural development
Placement Location: Managua, Nicaragua
Required Language Skills: Spanish suggested but not required
Minimum Placement Length: 1 Month
Maximum Placement Length: 2 Years

About the Organization

The Experimental Farm Center is an agricultural development project that aims to find new innovative agricultural techniques and communicate them effectively to Nicaraguan farmers.


1. Work in the production of an experimental farm

2. Help with promoting the Experimental Farm Center

3. Help with beekeeping operations

4. Help with various other agriculture oriented tasks

Internship Requirements

1. Intern should have a background in Biology and/or Agricultural science

2. Marketing experience is desired

3. Intern should have experience and/or interest in beekeeping and agriculture

4. Must possess professionalism and be willing to represent ISL and the US well

Spanish suggested but not required

Starting Cost:


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