National Zoo Rescue Center in Nicaragua

Placement Type: Ecology

Placement Focus: Work with the under-resourced rescue center of Nicaragua’s National Zoo
Placement Location: Managua, Nicaragua
Required Language Skills: Spanish (1-10): 2
Minimum Placement Length: 1 Month
Maximum Placement Length: 2 Years

About the Organization

The National Zoo’s Rescue Center is effectively the only organization in Nicaragua of its kind that receives abandoned and hurt animals. It is an underfunded and overcapacity facility that is always in desperate need of volunteers.


1. Assist in the care of young mammals and birds in the nursery department

2. Other duties include cleaning, feeding, and rehabilitation

5. Help in the kitchen preparing food for the animals

6. Observation and ethology reports

7. Preparation of enrichment activities

Internship Requirements

1. Student of biology, wildlife conservation and management, zoology, primatology, and veterinary medicine are preferred

2. All willing volunteers are accepted

3. Must possess professionalism and be willing to represent ISL and the US well

Some basic Spanish is helpful but not required. Some staff within the rescue center do not speak English

Starting Cost:


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