Geriatric Clinic in Nicaragua

Placement Type: Health Science

Placement Focus: Geriatric Medicine
Placement Location: Managua, Nicaragua
Required Language Skills: Spanish (1-10): 7
Minimum Placement Length: 1 Month
Maximum Placement Length: 2 Years

About the Organization

The clinic, named for President Daniel Ortega’s Mother, is a geriatric clinic that works to improve quality of life for Managua’s elderly community. The clinic also has a special focus in naturopathic medicine.


1. Intern will assist in a public clinic dedicated to serving aging populations, with an emphasis on physical therapy and therapeutic massage

2. Duties include patient intake and taking vital signs

3. Help facilitate public health education

Internship Requirements

1. Intern must be an advanced student of nursing, medicine, PT, public health, homeopathy, or other health science. Working professionals are highly encouraged to apply

2. Intern must be comfortable working with an older population

3. Must possess professionalism and be ready to represent ISL and the US well

4. Must possess or be willing to develop intercultural competence

This clinic also has a focus on natural medicine and acupuncture

Starting Cost:


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