Centro de Salud in Nicaragua

Placement Type: Health Science

Placement Focus: Public clinic with focus on reproductive and sexual health
Placement Location: Catarina, Nicaragua
Required Language Skills: Spanish (1-10): 6
Minimum Placement Length: 3 Months
Maximum Placement Length: 2 Years

About the Organization

This public health center is the head of the public health system in the community of Catarina. This center includes a maternity ward and health care center for pregnant women.


1. Intern will work in a public health clinic

2. Develop and implement public health curriculum for sex education and reproductive health

3. Assist in the clinic in many capacities as needed/requested

Internship Requirements

1. Intern must be an advanced student in nursing, physicians assistant (PA) school, public health, social work, or psychology

2. Medical students will assist doctors

3. Must be a self-starter, detail-oriented, and capable of working together on a team

4. This position requires a self-directed, experienced individual who can organize and implement meaningful public health programs

5. Must possess professionalism and be ready to represent ISL and the US well

6. Must possess or be willing to develop intercultural competence

Starting Cost:


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