In Their Own Words: Teddy Chuwa in Tanzania

Teddy Chuwa the ISL Country Coordinator in Tanzania. We asked her for an update about Tanzania, and she shared the following:

What concerns should I have if I am planning to come to Tanzania?

While the Ebola virus continues to affect certain countries in Africa, it is important to understand that this should not deter people from visiting other countries on the African continent.

The reaction to the Ebola outbreak seems to have created a perception that traveling anywhere on the planet, especially to and from Africa, has suddenly become unsafe. The thing to remember is that Africa after all, is a continent – not a country – and its dimensions are enormous. The distance from countries actively battling the virus, such as Liberia and Sierra Leone, are more than 7,000 kilometers away from Tanzania. That’s the equivalent of the distance between Paris and Islamabad. Additionally, the virus is passed on only by exchange of bodily fluids, something that is easy to avoid.

If you want to monitor the global situation, you can look at, which is updated regularly. You can also see from that site that there have been no cases of Ebola in Tanzania in the last forty years. Concerns about Ebola should not hinder anybody from coming to Tanzania. It is a beautiful country filled with wonderful people!