ISL: Making connections in Arequipa, Peru

I met Natalio Apaza last May, while leading a team of ISL volunteers in Arequipa. He randomly showed up and helped us do door to door public health visits. Afterwards, he welcomed us into his “home” and told us his story; it really touched me. The house was not actually his, but he takes care of it for the owner. He has never been paid for taking care of the house, and the owner sometimes does not pay the light or water bills. He used to be a carpenter but now, because of his old age, he can’t work. He has no family or children because he was orphaned, and he never married. When he showed us his home, he had the courtesy of offering chairs to sit in. I don’t know why, but I became obsessed about helping him. So, with the help of my DeDebt team, we were able to gather up money to help Natalio. We were able to buy rice, clothing for the cold nights, fire wood, and various other things. I hope as I am typing this that the help we gave him made some difference. He is such a sweet man and I will never forget him…

Sandra Diaz Ruiz
PERU ISL Country Coordinator
Farmer, Engineer


Natalio Apaza:


ISL volunteer, Ashley, presents Natalio with the provisions that the ISL team had pooled their money to purchase for his comfort: