Casares Veterinary Project: Responding to Need

I visited Casares, Nicaragua, earlier this month and thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of the landscape and the warmth and kindness of the people I had the privilege to encounter. I was dismayed, however, by the large number of stray dogs, sickeningly thin and covered with sores, wandering the streets in search of food.

ISL Nicaragua

We need volunteers who are willing to help! We will be sending veterinary teams to Casares every few months in order to address this need. In addition to caring for strays and providing vaccinations and parasite medications, we will be providing spay/neuter clinics and community veterinary education.

Casares Veterinary Project Focus:

· Community vet health surveying and screenings
through home/farm visits

· Vitamins for dogs, cattle, horses, and pigs

· Neuter/spay clinics

· Application of vaccines and immunizations

· Parasite medication, application, and hygiene education

· Urgent animal care

· Practice and history of local veterinary techniques and medicines

· Primer in veterinary medical Spanish

· Community veterinary health education programs

Please consider joining these efforts.

Best Regards,

Diannah Fields-Brown
Outreach & Development Coordinator