Volunteer Voices: Global Health in Peru


An article was recently published in the Idaho County Free Press about ISL Volunteer Christine Schmidt’s experience on a Global Health team in Peru this summer. Christine and her team trekked through the foothills of Lima and Cusco to visit patients in some of the most underserved areas of the country. We touched base with Christine recently to get some insight into her trip preparations, impressions, and recommendations:

How did you prepare for your trip to Peru with ISL?

I had a fundraiser, and that took some time to organize. I saved money and I researched the area to know what immunizations I needed to get.

What were your learning goals for your Global Health program?

My learning goal was to increase my clinical skills as a nurse, and to get a cultural experience that would enhance my world view.


Do you feel like your learning goals were met?

My learning goals were definitely met above and beyond.

What advantages do you see for an experiential learning trip with ISL?

The entire experience is a memory I will cherish forever. The people, the skills learned, the food, the culture. It was all amazing and eye opening.

Where do you want to serve next?

I will go back to Peru, but to the Amazon this time instead of the highlands. I would like to go to Africa in the future as well.


Do you have any recommendations for potential travelers?

Start planning for fundraising early, and be prepared for a life-changing experience!

To read the article about Christine’s experience in Peru click here!