Dental Team #PAN623DENT9


ARRIVAL: June 23, 2018
DEPARTURE: July 1, 2018
COST: $1695

Just 3 more volunteers to make this trip a 'go'!

Volunteers will be working in ISL partner communities to provide dental health services to those in need. While in Panama they will also have the opportunity to learn valuable skills and explore the cultural landscape in a meaningful way.

Dental Teams

Dental care is one of the most critically underserved areas of international health care, as dental care is usually not included in the socialized health care systems found in most developing countries.  Through ISL, thousands receive dental care – with your help!

This program focuses on pediatric dentistry because 1)  this represents the greatest need area of dentistry in developing countries, 2) pediatric dentistry is less invasive and therefore more amenable to more activity by both dental and pre-dental students, 3) focuses our efforts on prevention and public health dentistry – clearly the advancing edge of World Health Organization guidelines and emphasis .

Our dental programming functions in accordance with the best practices of the local dental community and is compatible with ADEA guidelines.


Situated on the isthmus connecting North and South America, Panama is the southernmost country in Central America. With access to two different oceans, and containing mountains, a vast rainforest, the modern metropolis of Panama City and the Panama Canal, there is a lot to do and see. Added to Panama’s incredible geographical diversity is an intriguing contrast of cultures. Panama contains a rich array of cultures ranging from indigenous and Latino to peoples of African, Asian, and European descent.

What ISL Provides

ISL Provides 24-hour accompaniment by professional, bilingual staff, airport pickup/drop off, all ground transportation, all lodging, two meals per day, drinking water, instruction by licensed dental professionals, dental supplies and medications, tours and basic recreation.

What to Bring

You will need masks, goggles, headlight, exam gloves and funds sufficient to cover one meal per day, premium recreation, personal spending, and departure tax.

Meet the Staff

Karol Gomez Assistant Team Leader Panama
Karol Gomez
Assistant Team Leader

Karol is an enthusiastic and energetic assistant team leader, who is also ISL-Panama’s Salsa teacher. She is an English language graduate.

Yarelis Gonzalez Assistant Team Leader Panama
Yarelis Gonzalez
Assistant Team Leader

Yarelis began working with ISL as a volunteer in her home town of Rio Sereno, near the border of Panama and Costa Rica. As an English language graduate, she is a very enthusiastic translator and assistant team leader.

Edwin Tenorio Assistant Team Leader Panama
Edwin Tenorio
Assistant Team Leader

Edwin comes from a “campesino” family in the country. He began working with ISL as a volunteer after he graduated from high school. Now, as an assistant team leader, he enjoys practicing his fluent English with ISL volunteers and says he likes all the games they teach him!

Jose Amet Caballero Team Leader Panama
Jose Amet Caballero
Team Leader

Jose is a musician, tour guide and chef; he also has great compassion for his people in Panama. He loves working for ISL and enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge of Panama history and culture with ISL volunteers.

Soleid Del Cid Team Leader Panama
Soleid Del Cid
Team Leader

Soleid recently became a first-time mother who understands now more than ever, the importance of bringing help to the children and moms of her community.

Plinio Montenegro Team Leader Panama
Plinio Montenegro
Team Leader

Plinio is an extreme adventurer. As ISL’s Hike for Humanity Team Leader, he knows the back country and the “campesinos and indigenous” people and their needs. When not with ISL teams, Plinio works in the tourism industry.

Antonio Singh
Antonio Singh
Country Coordinator

Antonio Singh has been an enthusiastic community volunteer since he was a teenager. He considers working with ISL “a great opportunity” to further his passion to help the needy. He also enjoys watching ISL volunteers grow into professionals who share his passion.

Activity Information

You will need masks, goggles, headlight, exam gloves and funds sufficient to cover one meal per day, premium recreation, personal spending, and departure tax.




Sample Dental Health Itinerary

9 Day Program


Important Program Note:  Teams will participate in some of the following Dental health activities: home visits, institutional assignments, community clinics and work with professionals, class practice for taking vitals, suture and injection class, and school screenings/health education sessions. Therefore, time periods noted as “Dental Health Activities” may refer to any of the above, to be determined based on volunteer expertise level and needs of our community at the time.


Optional Activities: Are available upon request.


Day 1:  Arrive in Panama City, Panama, travel to housing; settle into housing, dinner and rest.


Day 2:  Tour city and Panama Canal; hospital visit; prepare donations for clinic.


Day 3:  Practical and Dental Orientation; Dental Spanish class; Cultural Seminar.


Day 4:  Dental Health Activities.


Day 5:  Dental Health Activities.


Day 6:  Dental Health Activities; Share with the community.


Day 7:  Dental Health Activities; Dance class.


Day 8:  Recreation; beach.


Day 9: Departure.