All Inclusive Program Team #BZE85HSGHAIP8


ARRIVAL: August 5, 2017
DEPARTURE: August 12, 2017
COST: $2205

Just 3 more volunteers to make this trip a 'go'!

This an All Inclusive Team and covers all food and recreation. Volunteers will be working in developing communities to provide Global Health services to those in need. They will also have the opportunity to learn valuable skills and explore the cultural landscape in a meaningful way.

All Inclusive Program/High School Global Health Teams


Enjoy the laid back atmosphere of Belize, rich with Spanish and British influence, featuring attractions such as Mayan archaeological sites, the world’s second longest barrier reef, caves and rivers, along with a variety of cultural foods, while serving and learning amongst its peoples.

While public health care in Belize is available to the population at no direct cost to the individual, most rural health clinics suffer from inadequate staffing, lack of financial resources to handle the patient volume, and a lack of equipment and medicine, according to the World Health Organization.  Many families also lack the resources to travel to the nearest health care facility. Join ISL in aiding developing communities in Belize!

What ISL Provides

What to Bring

Meet the Staff

Gidda Hyde Team Leader Belize
Gidda Hyde
Team Leader

Gidda is a native Belizean who has worked with ISL since 2009. Her natural leadership skills and easy going personality makes her an excellent Team Leader.

Juliet Moguel Assistant Country Coodinator Belize
Juliet Moguel
Assistant Country Coodinator

Juliet is a native of Belize who has worked with ISL since 2010. When not helping Denise prepare for ISL teams, she lectures at a local college.

Denise Neal Coyoc
Denise Neal Coyoc
Country Coordinator

Denise is a native of Belize who has worked with ISL since 2007. As a former teacher, she is extremely well organized and able to deal efficiently with the myriad of details involved in preparing for ISL team visits to Belize. Her easy-going personality enables her to work calmly under team deadlines! She loves to cook and travel in her spare time.

Rose Anderson Belize Team Leader
Rose Anderson
Team Leader

Rose is a native of Belize who has worked with ISL for over 2008. Her experience as a health educator with the Ministry of Health and her extensive knowlege of western Belize qualifies her as an excellent Team Leader.

Javier Requena Belize Team Leader
Javier Requena
Team Leader

Javier is a native of Belize who has worked with ISL since 2011. Volunteers love his easy going personality. As a self-employed business owner, he is able to arrange his schedule to work with ISL teams whenever he is needed.

Ana Castellanos Belize Team Leader
Ana Castellanos
Team Leader

Ana is a native of Belize who has worked with ISL since 2012. As a former teacher, her organizational skills and extensive knowlege of Belize history and culture make her an excellent Team Leader.

Fidelio Montes Jr. Team Leader / Driver Belize
Fidelio Montes Jr.
Team Leader / Driver

Fidelio is a native of Belize who has worked with ISL since 2011. When not leading ISL teams, he is a freelance tour guide. His out-going personality and extensive knowlege of Belize make him an excellent Team Leader.

Antonio Coyoc Team Leader Belize
Antonio Coyoc
Team Leader

One of ISL’s most experienced and energetic Team Leaders, Antonio’s work as a Public Health Nurse with the Ministry of Health makes him a valuable asset to our programs and teams.

Activity Information


Day 1

Meet your Team Leader at the airport, and settle into Ayalah’s Guesthouse, family-style lodging located within walking distance of many San Ignacio Town attractions

Day 2

Morning:  “Welcome to Belize” Orientation

Afternoon: Tour the San Ignacio area; dinner out featuring traditional Belizean cuisine

Evening:  Learning session on Maya culture/group reflection on day’s events

Day 3

Morning:  Medical Orientation – Intro to the Health Professions (MD, PA, Nursing, DDS, PT)

Afternoon:  Interactive – Why the health profession, why a particular one? (Practice taking vital signs and performing a physical exam)

Dance lessons at the Benque House of Culture – learn traditional Maya/Mestizo dances (Mestizada, Zapateado, and Waltz) to marimba music.

Evening: Learning session on Chikungunya and Dengue Fever (diagnosis, treatment, prevention); group reflection on day’s events

Day 4

Morning/Afternoon:  Visit a rural community; closely observe living conditions. Clear standing water, give handouts on Chikungunya and Dengue Fever, plant flowers and face painting with local children

Evening: Discussion on lifestyle impact on health from observations made in rural community. What can be done? Work in subgroups and come out with possible solutions to share with rest of the group

Day 5

Morning/Afternoon: Visit Xunantunich Archaeological Site; Xunantunich which means “stone woman” in Maya, was the Maya civic ceremonial center 750-900 CE. Go tubing in the gentle rapids of the Mopan River

Evening: Discussion on Maya history and archeology

Day 6

Morning: Training for charting growth curves and providing hypertension screening

Afternoon: Soccer match with local children

Learn the Punta, a pulsating afro-rhythm dance of the Garifuna, Belizean descendants of West African, Central African, Island Carib, and Arawak peoples

Evening: Prepare for Health Fair; group reflection on day’s events

Day 7

Morning: Prepare healthy snacks to share

Host Health Fair (growth curve screening for children; hypertension screening for adults)

Afternoon: Share games/snacks with community children; dance off

Evening: Learning session on suturing; group reflection on day’s events

Day 8

Snorkeling at Caye Caulker, a small limestone coral island off the coast of Belize in the Caribbean Sea, accessible by water taxi

Group reflection on week’s events

Day 9