Veterinary Team #BAJA528VET7

COUNTRY: Mexico: Baja

ARRIVAL: May 28, 2017
DEPARTURE: June 3, 2017
COST: $1395

Just 3 more volunteers to make this trip a 'go'!

Volunteers will be working with local health agencies to provide veterinary health services in one of three ISL partner communities in and around Puerto Peñasco. They will also have the opportunity to explore the colorful Mexican culture and spicy cuisine and enjoy the beautiful Sea of Cortez.

Veterinary Teams

ISL’s veterinary teams are able to do more than observe; volunteers are able to fully participate in clinical experiences such as assisting in spay/neuter clinics and administering immunizations.

Mexico: Baja

ISL’s Baja Mexico program is an on-going humanitarian project that takes place in Puerto Peñasco, situated along the beautiful Sea of Cortez. Though Puerto Peñasco is a safe tourist area, due to high unemployment and high numbers of newly deported nationals struggling to get home, it also houses a very large underserved community. We work with global health agencies, local health ministries, and other NGOs to build capacity in needy communities. Volunteers are able to gain valuable experience regardless of team size, participating in community clinics and working in institutional and community health contexts.

What ISL Provides

ISL Provides 24-hour accompaniment by professional, bilingual staff, airport pickup/drop off, all ground transportation, all lodging, two meals per day, drinking water, instruction by licensed veterinarians, medications and supplies, and tours and basic recreation.

What to Bring

You will need a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, otoscope, scrubs, donations of medications and veterinary supplies (optional), and funds sufficient to cover one meal per day, premium recreation, personal spending, and departure tax.

Meet the Staff

Saul Veladiz Mexico Assistant Team Leader
Saul Veladiz
Assistant Team Leader

Saul Veladiz is a native of Mexico who was raised in Phoenix, AZ. He is now an entrepreneur and small business owner in Puerto Penasco. This allows him the flexibility of being available to ISL teams as needed. Saul’s positive and outgoing personality, hard work ethic, and love of helping people any way he can makes him a favorite of ISL volunteers.

Ruben Escobido Mexico Assistant Team Leader
Ruben Escobido
Assistant Team Leader

Ruben Escobedo is a native of Mexico, who specializes in sustainable desert agricultural practices. When not helping ISL teams, he works at Livingstones Christian Community Center as a teacher and assistant administrator. He enjoys working with people of all ages.

Dr. Eliel Lopez Mexico Medical Director
Dr. Eliel Lopez
Medical Director

Dr. Eliel Lopez is a native of Mexico and is also the Health Services Coordinator for one of the primary governmental health agencies in the area. He’s been a doctor in Puerto Penasco since 1989. ISL is pleased and honored to have him on the team. He is very passionate about his work and loves teaching ISL volunteers.

Maricela Moad Administrative Assistant Mexico
Maricela Moad
Administrative Assistant

Maricela is a native of Mexico. Besides her job as administrative assistant, she loves helping out on teams as needed. She is very organized and is a great asset for ISL. When she is not working, she enjoys exercising, cooking, reading, and tanning at the beach.

Michael Brinbaum
Michael Birnbaum
Mexico Country Coordinator

Michael is the founder of ISL and, among other duties, he serves as a New Programs Organizer, including the ISL Baja Program. In setting up the Baja Program he has implemented the first “full-time-come-anytime” ISL location. Michael enjoys living in the neighborhood ISL serves, with the people they serve. He also enjoys visiting his grown sons and their families in Washington State as often as… Read more

Activity Information

You will need a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, otoscope, scrubs, donations of medications and veterinary supplies (optional), and funds sufficient to cover one meal per day, premium recreation, personal spending, and departure tax.



Sample Veterinary Itinerary



Important Program Note:  Teams will participate in some of the following veterinary activities: Community surveys with a Veterinarian, serve in pet clinics assisting at the in wound care, vaccinations, and spay and neutering.  Therefore, time periods noted as “Veterinary Activities” may refer to any of the above, to be determined based on volunteer expertise level and needs of our community at the time.


Optional Activities: Are available by request.


Day 1:  Travel day from airport; arrive in Puerto Penasco in early evening for Mexican dinner, donations processing, and cultural seminar; group reflection


Day 2: Medical Spanish and Public Health Surveying Seminar; Basic Veterinary Training Seminar; recreation/shopping; group reflection


Day 3:  Veterinary activities; Border Health Seminar, free time, medical skills practice; group reflection


Day 4:  Veterinary activities; group reflection


Day 5:  Veterinary activities; late afternoon Desert Medical Plants Seminar;

dinner and shopping at El Malecon (waterfront); group reflection


Day 6:  Veterinary activities and sharing with the community—Piñata time!

Recreation or optional additional community service time; sunset cruise ($15 per person); group reflection


Day 7: Depart