Team Members!

Please read all the appropriate documents listed below for your team. Being well informed of what is expected of you and what to expect in-country will make your trip safer and more enjoyable.


ALL team members MUST read the following 4 documents (links in green):


1.  Packing List - choose one below:

2.  Orientation Guide - choose one below:

3.  Team Manual – Print or download the correct manual for your team and bring it with you.

4.  Phrase Sheet – print or download the correct phrase sheet for your team and bring it with you.

If you are bringing donations (optional), read this:

If you are faculty or staff, read, sign and submit this:



Contact your Team Manager, whose contact information is listed in the Welcome or “Go” Email you received.

If you cannot reach your Team Manager, please email our Volunteer Coordinator at or call 816-767-0481.