Statement of Best Practices in Global Community Health

In each of our service locations, ISL operates as the hands of local ministries of health, reaching out to communities they are unable to assist due to limited resources. In addition to serving vulnerable citizens, ISL is often the sole health care provider for immigrants with no other access to health services.

Diagnoses are made and prescriptions are given only by the local health care professionals who supervise every clinical activity in which our volunteers are involved.

In adherence to ISL policy, no patient interaction takes place until the patient has signed a consent form.

Each health care professional employed by ISL is fully licensed. ISL is registered with the local Ministry of Health in each location.

Costa Rica

Maria Andrea Vargas, MD

Andrés Octavio Flores, PT

Rocio Salas, Pharm

Ministry of Health Letter


Ildefonso Rosas Perez, MD

Ministry of Health Letter