Most volunteers who raise travel funds use our Sponsorship Program, for the simple reason that people love to sponsor volunteers!  We write the letters asking potential donors to sponsor the work you’ll be doing while traveling with ISL–YOU mail them to family, friends and service organizations.

THIS PROGRAM WORKS! A majority of charitable international work is accomplished today by involving others.  Don’t deny your friends, family, and neighbors the opportunity to get involved–they’re looking for the opportunity!  Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out and sign the Sponsorship Agreement on the GSM (Good Samaritan Missions) website (
  2. Depending on the information you give to us on the agreement, GSM will provide you with a PDF letter, donation envelopes, mailing labels, and complete instructions. The pdf letter provided describes the project you’ll be doing and invites people to sponsor you. You’re not asking for money – GSM is asking for sponsorships. People respond very well to this letter, because so many today want to help people in third world countries, but don’t know how.  This gives them a welcome opportunity to get involved through you and to do so in a completely safe and accountable manner.
  3. You can email or mail the letter to friends, family, neighbors, churches or synagogues, local service clubs, etc., after adding a short personal note to each letter.
  4. If you choose to mail your letters, please include the small donations envelopes and labels provided so that your sponsors can quickly and easily mail their donations for you to GSM.
  5. Sponsors can also donate online at  All donations are credited to your account. As with all non-profits, Good Samaritan Missions (our parent org) retains a percentage for office overhead, project supplies, and the medications distributed by our ISL teams.  Currently, volunteers receive 85% of the donations. When it comes time to make your final payment, you will receive an invoice for the balance due, less GSM donations. Sponsorship funds can continue to be donated up to 45 days after you return home.  Funds received after that date will not be credited to your account. If you have a refund due, please contact with a request for the refund. Give your name, trip dates, and destination to make finding your records easier.