International Prenatal/Pediatric Program


Our Sustainable Goal: Well Child International, partnering with the Health Ministries of Belize, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua, seeks to provide intensive, consistent, pro-active healthcare for underserved juvenile populations (15 years and younger) and women in need of pre-natal care. WCI will establish bases in specific communities identified by local medical professionals as having the greatest need for well-child education and healthcare, and will return to these communities on a regular basis. In addition to providing immediate assistance, students and medical staff will be documenting areas of need with the goal of reaching long-term health solutions in these underserved communities.

Field Description: To begin, team members will undergo an intensive field training program which will enable them to perform in-home pediatric health assessments, accompanied by a translator. This process utilizes the ISL system of village triage – house to house visits within a defined geographical area. Following this two to four day process, a prenatal/pediatric care clinic will be offered to local families. This clinic will involve a doctor’s consultation as well as educational public health information provided by team members. Among the health and educational services provided, team members will assist experienced medical personnel with pap-smears and cervical examinations, breast exams and self exam training, and seminars on child nutrition and breast feeding. Depending on resources available, certain over-the-counter health supplies and instructions for their uses will be given to each family. Prescription medications will be dispensed by the attending physician as needed.

The need is great! Nicaragua is second only to Haiti in incidences of cervical cancer and infant mortality. We have been given access to and have reviewed the detailed health surveys and assessments gathered by the government of Nicaragua, and have determined that the area surrounding San Carlos, at the mouth of the San Juan River, is the region in Nicaragua that suffers from the highest rates of cervical cancer and infant mortality – this is the precise area in Nicaragua we have decided to serve. In Costa Rica, we will be serving indigenous and immigrant Nicaraguan populations among whom these same two indicators are also abnormally high. In Belize, we will be addressing the problems of diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and HIV/aids, as well as nutrition, respiratory health, childhood disease, and domestic violence.

Changing the Future, One Child at a Time!

Acquire healthcare experience while providing essential prenatal/pediatric education and services to women and children in need!

No experience or certifications needed to apply.

Teams are accompanied by professional staff.


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