International Service Learning (ISL) offers experiential, multi-disciplinary humanitarian health programs in Central and South America, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Africa.  These programs are not artificial or “practice” programs – they are the real thing.  We provide health care to tens of thousands in developing communities annually. We perform health services in the field under sometimes difficult (and always unpredictable and challenging) circumstances. Arriving in a foreign land, meeting a new culture, and finding yourself as you serve others –this is all part of the ISL experience. Making a heart connection with the needs of others and being able to fill those needs is both gratifying and exhilarating.  It is truly a life changing experience.

ISL assures that all of our health programs maintain the following priorities:

  • The rights of all patients are respected.
  • The health and safety of students is a top priority at all times.
  • All work is done in full cooperation with local health authorities.
  • Students receive appropriate training for the services each team performs.
  • Students may determine their comfort level of participation.
  • Professional health workers, translators, team leaders, and guides are provided.
  • Each student is assigned the services of a professional pre-trip planner and manager.
  • A wide variety of recreational opportunities are offered to each team.

There’s more!  See each specific program description for much more information!

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