Today we bought groceries to give to 24 different families in Friajanes.


Today, the nurses of Schreiner University went to Friajanes to set up our clinic. We spent the first half of our day taking census and handing out tickets and the second half examining patients. While we were waiting for the clinic to be set up we played “duck, duck, goose!” with the children. It was a great day in Friajanes, and we will be going back tomorrow.


Today we bought $1,200 of groceries with money that has been donated from people to give to 24 different families in Friajanes. It was our last clinic day in Friajanes and we enjoyed getting to see all the people! Tomorrow we will be at an orphanage.


Today was our last day of clinics. We started out by going to Walmart and buying toys, games, a piñata, candy, cake, hair accessories, babies, coloring books etc, we also went online the days before to get wooden watches and some other jewelry. for the children we were going to visit at the orphanage. Once we got to the orphanage the children were very welcoming. Each and every one of them touched our hearts. It’s surprising that none of us are taking one home. It was hard to leave them, and there weren’t many of us with dry eyes as we left. This was by far my favorite part of this trip and I will never forget it. These children are the most beautiful part of Costa Rica.

Paige Shaw, on behalf of the Schreiner University Team