If you can’t go, please consider DONATING for this effort: ISL staff in the Dominican Republic are driving food and supplies to Haiti to our Haitian contacts. Our DR country coordinator, Evelyn Puello, is working with a local aid group, Caritas Foundation, to coordinate transport to Haiti. There are no overhead costs. All donated funds go directly to this effort. For tax deductability, we will be using our 501c3 partner Good Samaritan Missions.

Calling all students and others interested in providing assistance to Haitian refugees!
Join ISL in the Dominican Republic May 1 – 14 or June 5 – 18

There is immediate need in the areas of healthcare and community service, and ISL will be continuously adapting itinerary to best meet the changing needs of the refugee population. No experience or certifications needed to apply.
Trip cost: $1,785 (does not include airfare or app fee)

For more information contact Diannah@ISLonline.org

Changing the world, one adventure at a time

Don’t miss this life-changing opportunity to be part of the humanitarian effort in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti.

Financial aid is available through the Good Samaritan Missions Sponsorship Program to help reduce trip cost.

Teams are accompanied by professional staff.

Haiti Refugee Relief FAQs

* Please note:  The Haiti Refugee Relief will be centered in the Dominican Republic, providing aid to the Haitian refugees relocated there in the aftermath of the earthquake. We do have Dominican Republic & Haiti teams that will be crossing the border into Haiti to work for part of the trip. Check the team schedule for which teams include Haiti.

Q: I am interested in going, but uncertain about the safety.

A: Students will be accompanied by professional staff while in the Dominican Republic.

Q: Are three meals a day provided?

A: Two meals a day, breakfast and dinner, will be provided. Students will be given the opportunity to purchase lunch on location.  Drinking water is supplied by ISL.

Q: Where will volunteers be staying?

A:  Students will be housed with ISL Staff and in the homes of friends of ISL so as not to take much needed housing from medical and relief personnel presently situated in the Dominican Republic.

Q: Would I be able to obtain a certificate saying that I completed a certain amount of clinical hours while on this trip?

A:  After the trip, you can request a Letter of Participation from ISL by contacting us at info@islonline.org. This letter will confirm the work and clinical hours your were involved in providing.

Q: How do I apply?

A:  To apply, simply click on the green “Apply Now” button at the top of this page!

Q: After I register, how soon will I receive a notice that I am officially on a team?

A:  After submitting your application online, you will receive an automatically generated email acknowledging receipt of your application.  This will be followed by an introduction email from your team manager.  This email will either confirm your place on the team or inform you that the team is full. You will have the option at that time to move to another team or receive a refund.

Q: What will the housing and general living conditions be like?

A:  Students will be housed with ISL staff and in the homes of friends of ISL.  As far as living conditions are concerned, you will always have a bed and a shower; we don’t camp out on the ground or on the floors of church buildings, as some programs do.  Bear in mind, however, that this is not a tourist trip–housing is basic.

Q: What is covered in the trip cost?

A:  Trip cost covers the professional medical and ISL staff who accompany the students, ground transportation expenses, two meals per day and lodging, training manuals, training seminars and the necessary medications and supplies for the teams to use in providing aid to the needy, as well as ISL administrative expenses.

Q: What specifically would undergrads be doing?

A:  Undergraduates will be expected to do anything necessary to provide comfort for these refugees.  As of now, the needs range from wound care to providing recreational activities, but ISL is dedicated to meet the changing our itinerary to meet the changing need of these refugees. Students will not be expected to perform any task with which they are uncomfortable!

Q: How many spaces are there per team?

A:  The Haitian Refugee Relief teams are limited to 12 students

Q: Must I be a highly skilled pre-health major in order to qualify for this trip?

A:  No. We have committed our teams to providing whatever services be necessary to the comfort of these refugees.  Any wound care or monitoring of vitals would be done under the supervision of professional medical staff, and much will be needed in the areas of feeding and providing recreation. Students will not be expected to perform any task with which they are uncomfortable!

Q: How much will airfare cost?

A:  We have no possible way of estimating airfare costs.  Students will be flying into Santa Domingo, DR, so use the airport code (SDQ) when pricing tickets.

Q: Why do I have to pay to be a volunteer?

A:  ISL programs are not sponsored by corporate support. The cost for arranging and setting up teams, purchasing medicine and medical supplies, transportation, food, housing, medical physicians, staff/security, training supplies, etc. is covered by the cost of the trip. You are volunteering to serve and paying your way. This ensures that there is no extra burden on those you are coming to help.

Q: Can I stay longer?

A:  If there is room on the next team you may sign up for two teams.

Q: I don’t have a passport yet, can I still apply?

A:  Yes, but you will need to make sure your passport will arrive in time for the trip. When you receive your passport, contact your Team Manager immediately with the information.

Q: I sent in my application but now I can’t go, what do I do?

A:   Notify your Team Manager who will work with you to either move to a later team or receive a refund. The $85 application fee is non-refundable, but can be used toward a future trip. The$500 trip deposit is refundable up to 50 days prior to departure or may be applied to a future trip. If you are not able to change to another trip, but would like to travel with ISL within the year, you will receive a Future Trip Voucher to be used within the year.