¿Dónde está la biblioteca?

Donde esta la biblioteca? Building a library in Costa Rica.

UPDATE: International Service Learning will be covering all administrative costs and providing $1000 grants for each volunteer to make this trip happen. We desperately want to help this community. Instant grants are now reflected in the updated team costs. #LibraryProject1 program fees have been reduced from $1995 to $995, and #LibraryProject2 program fees have been reduced from $1795 to $795. We need to make this trip happen for this community and we want to make sure as many volunteers as possible can participate!


If you have ever taken Spanish classes, the phrase “¿Dónde está la biblioteca?” should sound familiar. The question “Where is the library?” seems trivial in an era of smartphones, where most of the world’s information is accessible at our fingertips. But, Costa Ricans in Rancho Quemado de Osa are sincerely asking this question. They have limited access to the internet and no public library. ISL, the Peace Corps, Rotary International, and the Give-A-Book Foundation are combining efforts to build a library and provide 1,000 books, in Spanish, to be used by the community. Donations will also include study materials for the Bachillerato exam, guides for learning English, and two public computers with access to the internet. Community members will help with the construction of the library as well as donate old INA documents, books, and other valuable materials to make this building a central resource for their community.

ISL is looking to fill two teams of volunteers to assist in this effort.

Team #LibraryProject1 is happening June 1-14, 2015. This team will complete all construction, which will consist of hard labor in the tropical heat. Join now!

Team #LibraryProject2 will head down June 14-23, 2015. This team will bring books, stock the shelves and help introduce the library to the community. Join now!

Each team can only take 10 volunteers and the community is counting on us, so we need to get the word out!

This is a unique opportunity for the ISL community, the people of Rancho Quemado de Osa, and everyone else involved. Answer the call to service and apply now!