2015 Photo Of The Year Contest Winner

Rachel Fulmer, Costa Rica, 2015 Photo Of The Year Contest Winner,

Congrats to Rachel Fulmer!
Winner of the 2015 Photo Of The Year Contest!

Rachel is majoring in biology with a minor in chemistry at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She volunteered with an ISL global health team in Costa Rica, March of 2015. Her photo earned 883 votes, and the caption “A piece of my heart was left in Costa Rica, but oddly my heart is more enriched than before. ISL, I am so grateful for a new perspective and a stronger passion for giving.” really resonated with the ISL community.

Rachel’s prize is the opportunity to travel with ISL again in 2016 on the team of her choice, fee free! We cannot wait to see where she goes, and we are certain she will come back with many more amazing photos! We’d like to thank everyone who participated in this contest!


While there isn’t a prize for second place, we did want to share this amazing photo with everyone. Kelsey Dolinger earned 641 votes with this photo.

Katelyn DeBerry Photo of the Year EntryPicked by our staff, this photo by Katelyn DeBerry really touched our hearts. Thanks for submitting your photo Katelyn!